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question to you all
what is a friend? honestly i have a hard time applying this. i think its hard for most of you to apply this also.


sometimes it feels like my bf is my only friend and even that he pisses me off so much.
and asif. asif is the only one that talks to me and does not only contact me when he needs something.

catty, petty, bailers, non-responders, uncaring, bossy, manipulative, use people
that pretty much sums up all of my friends.

also i have mono if anyone wants to know not that anyone cares anyways.

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How did you get mono? Dx

My friends are like that too. Idk if I could make a list of what makes a friend, but I do have a long list of what disqualifies people. Maybe it's just figuring out what bullshit you're willing to deal with. But people changeeee .... hopefully for the better.

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