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 Here I am, final exam in nine hours. I am lying in bed still with two more chapters to read. I am not motivated in this class at all. I just can't help it but feel that psychology is such a worthless subject. Well, maybe that's over-generalizing. I guess more specifically, psych 100. After taking four years of biology, I guess re-learning the dumbed down version of everything that I have learned is not as exciting. This course is dumbed down in two ways: (1) arts faculty way of teaching science, (2) first year course. For example, I have now officially learned the nervous system for the 900th time in my life. Here's a certain blurb from my text: molecules are prevented from travelling by a sort-of filtrating mechanism in which it reaches a little wall with little holes which only allow little molecules to pass on by. It is not a little wall with little holes... it is a semi-permeable membrane. It is not molecules, they are neurotransmitters. GOD. 


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