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I've decided that my livejournal is pretty emo. HAH. So now it's time for a HAPPY POST. 

Christian Siriano is seriously my new favorite gay. I apologize to Marco, but i don't think he's not as FIERCE as Christian. haha. (i hope he never reads this) Instead of studying, i would just continuously replay the youtube video of "Christian Siriano's Fiercest Moments." OMG, I LOVE HIM. I also want to take him home. He shall be my new gay friend. *squeels* 

J'ai echoue toute mes examens aussi. I think i have issues. I can't seem to, you know, study anymore. I just bum around, go on youtube, livejournal (hence now) and.... basically i don't know what im doing. All I know is i always end up sitting on my bed here at 12 and starting to study til like 4. I'm nocturnalllll. :( le tear. 

I miss my buddies :( they dont talk to me anymore, but thats ok, ive got buddies here too. So don't worry guys, im not gonna emo it out this time. *cuts wrist* lol jk. 

Technically I'm supposed to be studying/ finishing for chem lab. Well, surprise surprise. I suckfatass. 

i've also decided that i probably shouldn't smoke anymore. *probably* It's not like i'm addicted, but i don't know why no one believes me. i don't even smoke that often. I haven't smoked in like a month guys. I have 0 withdrawl symptoms, how can i be addicted. :( 


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